SCLD Posters

For the 2019 Spokane County Library District Poetry Slams, one my my design classes held a contest to design their posters, t-shirts, certificates and a custom logo for the event. This competition was able to be a team competition, but I chose to take on this task on my own since I had never worked on a project on my own with so many deliverables before, and I was up for a challenge!

My designs were the selected winner for that 2019 year, and my posters were used to advertise the event. The logo I designed that can be seen on the Grand Slam poster was made into stickers for the event and will continue to be used for the future Grand Slams to come. I also created 9 certificates for the winners and T-shirt designs that went to each contestant and volunteer in the event.


  • 3 11x17 posters

  • 1 logo

  • 9 5x7 certificates

  • 2 t-shirt designs